What is mortgage finance?

Mortgage finance will help you buy the house, office or shop that you’ve been wishing for.

Is it necessary to purchase property that is registered?

The property you purchase shouldn’t necessarily be registered. You can buy your home, shop, or office anywhere in Egypt, whether it’s part of a neighborhood such as Nasr City or Mohandeseen, or in new urban communities such as Sheikh Zayed or the Fifth Settlement. You may also purchase your property within a compound; or even purchase your very own clinic within a medical complex or a store within an air-conditioned mall or a chalet in Sahel or Sokhna.

Should the name of the property I purchase be registered under EHFC’s name?

Some companies and banks register units under their name. EHFC however, allows you to register the unit under your name and only sale bans your unit.

Can I take a loan out with my existing mortgage?

Is it possible, for example, to take a personal loan under the warranty of my own unit?
In a new program called IJARAH; we allow you to take personal loans under the warranty of any previously owned unit at the running market price. Whether it’s your home, chalet, or office at the running market price. This loan makes it possible for you to buy the house of your dreams or fund any project that you’d like, with an estimated 15 year premium.

Why is the interest benefit from mortgage financing high?

Interest financing is almost like a personal loan. The difference here, is that you’ll be investing in a real estate market price that increases over time. Thus; the real value of your premium is lowered over time.

Is it possible to seal off my loan before it’s due?

Yes, you may definitely pay off your loan at any time, for several years; as long as a year has passed over said loan.

Is the interest rate fixed for the length of the loan?

You may choose between two systems; either a fixed interest rate for the duration of the loan, ora variable interest rate system that links your interest rate to the interest rate of the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE).

What is the Central Bank's initiative? Do they have any special terms or conditions?

The Central Bank initiative is divided into 3 types:
Low Income - Average Income - Above Average Income The company works with:
Middle income customers
• Financing period of up to 20 years at decreasing interest rate of 8%
• Financing up to 85% of unit value.
• Unit pricesthat do not exceed LE 700,000.
• A monthly income that does not exceed 10,000 LE for bachelors, and 14,000 LEfor married couples.
Upper middle income customers
• Financing period of up to 20 years, at decreasing interest rate of 10.5%
• Financing up to 85% of unit value.
• Unit price does not exceed 950,000 g.
• A monthly income that does not exceed 15,000 LE for bachelors, and 20,000 LE for married couples.